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Pilar Hurtado

Social Media Director

Hey there! I'm Pilar Hurtado, a dedicated youth advocate hailing from the vibrant city of Durham, NC. With a strong belief in the power of community-driven initiatives, I've been fervently working alongside various organizations to foster growth and empowerment among the youth. Currently pursuing my studies at NCCU, I'm deeply invested in the concept that manufacturing holds immense importance for the youth of today. My journey has led me to take up roles as an ambassador, advocate, and event organizer, allowing me to contribute directly to the betterment of our community. By harnessing my passion for marketing, I've played a pivotal role in amplifying the voices and aspirations of young people, aiding them in launching their own businesses.


My journey has been driven by the belief that the youth are not just the future, but an integral part of our present. Through advocacy, events, and a profound commitment to the promotion of entrepreneurship, I'm dedicated to shaping a brighter future for our community.

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