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Building the workforce of the future.

Today's youth.
Tomorrow's makers.

Join the next generation of manufacturing.

Our Mission

The Subortus Project inspires middle- and high-school students to pursue careers in America's reviving manufacturing. We aim to expose more youth to the high-tech and relevancy of a subject taught little in schools across America.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization run by high school students across America that is the first youth-led nonprofit working to build the manufacturing workforce of the future, now. That's why we say, Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Makers.


employers can't find skilled labor

Industry Week, 2019, 89% of Small Manufacturers Can't Fill Job Openings


manufacturing jobs to fill

Deloitte and Manufacturing Institute, 2018, Skills Gap and Future of Work Study


employers who cite lack of interest as root of labor shortage


Our Projects

We create youth-catered educational content, perform social media outreach, and host events to inform youth about technology, sustainability, policy, and current affairs relating to the manufacturing sector.


Outreach to schools and collaboration with trade publications, government agencies, economic development agencies, and other non-profits to promote youth engagement. We high schoolers shine light on the youth perspective of manufacturing in our conversations with manufacturing professionals.


Presentations, workshops, and keynote events with speakers in education, industry, government, and more!


It was our thorough research on manufacturing workforce development that inspired the founding of The Subortus Project. We continue producing short briefs on various Industry 4.0. Check out the findings that inspired our mission! 


Email newsletters written and crafted for youth readers, covering tech, economics, policy, and careers in manufacturing. Get 3-minute rundowns of cutting-edge robots, recent government investments, career spotlights, and more!


Share Your Story! - Essay, Art, and Film Contest

Deadline: June 30th, 2024

The Subortus Project's Share Your Story! essay, art, and film contest has gone live. We're invite youth across the country to respond to the prompt:

How is manufacturing part of your life?

Standout submissions will be published on IndustryWeek, the USA's leading trades publication.


Your youth perspective is invaluable. We hope you'll share it!

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MFG Day - Tech, Policy, and Business in Modern Manufacturing

February 22nd @ 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM ET

The Subortus Project hosted its very own MFG Day keynote event! Our speakers were policymakers, engineers, and educators, and they’re all part of the manufacturing sector. Our message: there’s a fulfilling career in manufacturing for anyone with any interests. 

Check out our YouTube channel for recordings!

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The Subortus Project Presents on "Getting Youth Involved with Manufacturing" to the American Manufacturing Communities Collaborative (AMCC)

January 29th

The Subortus Project is partnering with the American Manufacturing Communities Collaborative (AMCC), an EDA-funded manufacturing consortium, to host MFG Day. We joined one of AMCC's Monday weekly calls to give over fifty workforce development experts, educators, and technical executives, an introduction to our non-profit and an overview of the MFG Day event, both of which seek to educate and engage youth on the American manufacturing workforce.

Presentation on Sustainable Manufacturing and Fast Fashion to Utah Attorney General's Youth Advisory Committee

October 18th

The Subortus Project had the amazing opportunity to present to around thirty members of the UAG Youth Advisory committee, which offers advice to the Attorney Genera's office on policy, events, and programs. Our hour-long presentation covered Industry 4.0 technologies and how their efficiency may be misused by apparel corporations to promote fast fashion business models.

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Join Us!

Our team is always growing! If you're interested in STEM, economics, policy, education, social change, or community engagement, we'd love your help.

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