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Share Your Manufacturing Story

Using writing, film, or art to reflect on manufacturing from a youth perspective.

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You could be published here!

How is manufacturing part of your life?

The Subortus Project invites you to reflect on this prompt through writing, film, or visual art, for a chance to be published in the renowned manufacturing-focused publication, IndustryWeek

Subortus is the Latin word for revival, or renewal. It reflects our belief that youth–the next generation of people–will drive the development of manufacturing as a new technological and economic powerhouse. Our goal is to get more youth in America talking about the growing manufacturing sector in America and inspired by its innovation and growth.

Does manufacturing play a significant role in your hometown’s economy? Or do you learn about it at school? Or do you sometimes wonder where all the stuff you use comes from? Your answers to these questions are what we’re asking for! 

Once all submissions are reviewed, select stand-out submissions will be published on IndustryWeek. Selectees will receive full credit and a byline/photo in IndustryWeek (that they can also mention on their college applications and resumes). Readers of this publication range from manufacturing executives to education experts, and your perspective of manufacturing as a youth will be invaluable to them. 

If you work in the manufacturing field, or are a teacher, mentor, youth leader, parent, etc., we kindly ask that you forward this prompt to any high schoolers you know!

Reach out to with questions.

–The Subortus Project Team 🤝


  • Writing: submissions in English accepted. Prose and poetry accepted. Maximum word count is 750.

  • Film: submissions in English accepted. Maximum length is 5 minutes.

  • Visual art: any medium accepted. PNGs or JPEGs of artwork must be high resolution. PDFs also accepted.

The deadline to submit is June 30, 2024. 

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