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Our Projects

All of our projects are planned, organized, and curated by our student-led team. We use our experiences as youth in America to ensure that our educational content and outreach is relevant, relatable, and engaging to our peers.


Outreach to schools and collaboration with trade publications, government agencies, economic development agencies, and other non-profits to promote youth engagement. We high schoolers shine light on the youth perspective of manufacturing in our conversations with manufacturing professionals.


Presentations, workshops, and keynote events with speakers in education, industry, government, and more!


It was our thorough research on manufacturing workforce development that inspired the founding of The Subortus Project. We continue producing short briefs on various Industry 4.0. Check out the findings that inspired our mission! 


Email newsletters written and crafted for youth readers, covering tech, economics, policy, and careers in manufacturing. Get 3-minute rundowns of cutting-edge robots, recent government investments, career spotlights, and more!

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