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The Subortus Project Presents to AMCC:
Getting Youth Involved with Manufacturing 

January 29th

On the American Manufacturing Communities Collaborative Weekly Monday Zoom call, The Subortus Project presented to over fifty manufacturing professionals about our nonprofit's mission and upcoming MFG Day initiative. We sought to answer the question: how can we get more youth interested in and exposed to the American manufacturing sector? AMCC is an EDA-funded manufacturing consortium in Washington, D.C. that fosters communication and collaboration among workforce development agencies, government agencies, higher education institutions, economic development centers, and nonprofits. 

We discussed the research and widespread passion that went into the founding of The Subortus Project by high schoolers across nine states in America, and gave an overview of the objective, format, and guest speakers of our MFG Day event.

We're grateful to AMCC for the opportunity to share our work with a bit more of the world!

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